Bibliografia recomendada DMP

Leitura obrigatória e recomendável* para o Programa de formação em DMP
*a maioria dos livros mencionados encontram-se à venda em Português

Pré-requisitos do Módulo 1:

Roger Woolger   Other Lives, Other Selves, 1987, Bantam paperback 1988)

Roger Woolger   Healing Your Past Lives. (with CD).Sounds True paperback, 2010.

Recommended  audio Eternal Return by sounds true


Módulo 1  


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Eternal Return: How to Remember and Heal Your Past Lives. CD set: Boulder, Colorado.: Sounds True, 2001.      (Order from

Módulo 2


Sogyal Rinpoche. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Harper Collins, 1992      

*Roger Woolger, “Beyond Death: Transition and the Afterlife” 2004

*Roger Woolger, "Death, Transition and the Spirit Realms: Past-Life Therapy and Tibetan Buddhism" 2001

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Módulo 3


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Módulo 4


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Outros artigos de Roger Woolger:

A Skeptic Encounters Past Lives  from Eternal Return (1987)

The Secret History of Reincarnation  from Healing Your Past Lives (2002)